JSI has produced a variety of slideshows that illustrate important events, highlight issues, and capture the breadth of our work.
Promoting Healthy Behaviors through Messaging & Media Promoting Healthy Behaviors through Messaging & Media
Engaging people to strengthen their health-seeking behaviors and their own health decisions is critical to improving overall health. By using targeted media to disseminate evidence-based, culturally-specific information, JSI empowers individuals to take charge of their own health. This slideshow highlights just a few of JSI's health promotion activities in various media over the years.
World AIDS Day 2011 World AIDS Day 2011
In observance of World AIDS Day 2011, JSI and World Education staff joined once again to participate in's Facing AIDS initiative. Snapshots of staff members sharing their personal messages of solidarity were featured on and we invite you to view them here. See some of the many reasons why the JSI team continues to face the challenge of fighting HIV.
World AIDS Day 2010 World AIDS Day 2010
In honor of World AIDS Day 2010, JSI and affiliate World Education staff joined together to participate in's facing AIDS initiative. More than 100 staff from both organizations spelled out why they were facing AIDS. All photos were also uploaded to the Flickr site, where more than 1500 portraits explain why people are facing AIDS this year.
Recognizing International Women's Day: March 8, 2010 Recognizing International Women's Day
On March 8, 2010, International Women's Day celebrated its 99th anniversary. International Women's Day is a time to increase awareness and take action on issues that confront women around the world every day. This International Women's Day-inspired web feature maps some of JSI's projects that improve women's health and the attendant systems, from contraceptive logistics to gender approaches to HIV.
View the slideshow JSI is Facing AIDS: World AIDS Day 2009
Each year, JSI staff acknowledge the toll HIV has taken around the world and renew their commitment to stopping it. In observation of World AIDS Day 2009, and as part of a larger initiative of the project, JSI staff members across the globe share some of the numerous reasons they stand up and face AIDS each day.
View the slideshow World AIDS Day 2008
JSI staff present startling statistics about HIV and AIDS in the U.S. and around the world in recognition of World AIDS Day 2008.
Watch the Slideshow Open Your Heart
The Romanian Open Your Heart campaign was developed to decrease stigma and discrimination by sharing the experiences of people who live with HIV. These intensely personal and powerful photos were taken by Romanian youth living with HIV.
Watch the Slideshow - Rx for Child Survival: JSI Responds. Rx for Child Survival: JSI Responds
This slideshow was developed in conjunction with the PBS Rx for Child Survival campaign and illustrates JSI's work to strengthen and improve child welfare and survival around the world.
Read the Stories - Uganda AIM Program:  Building Communities and Services Uganda AIM Programme: Building Communities and Services
JSI's AIDS/HIV Integrated Model (AIM) District Programme worked over five years in Uganda to establish more than 100 HIV counseling and testing sites and 90 mother-to-child transmission prevention sites. The compelling stories in this feature highlight 15 of AIM's initiatives and the people involved.