In the Press

LLP basketball camp 05/04/2015 -  The Live, Learn, and Play project featured on the SuperSport website
Recent activities of the Live, Learn, and Play project in Senegal—JSI's partnership with the National Basketball Association and USAID—are featured on the SuperSport website.
TSHIP announcement 8/31/2012 05/04/2015 -  TSHIP Targets Nigeria’s Maternal Mortality Rate in New Technical Working Group
Read how JSI's project will help to shape future public health initiatives and policies to prevent maternal deaths.
pakistan EPI DELIVER story 04/27/2015 -  The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT leads effort to revamp vaccine storage in Pakistan
Following a mishandling of vaccines that resulted in millions of dollars worth of wasted product, the DELIVER project, managed by JSI, has worked to improve storage and LMIS systems.
pakistan grad program announcement 04/17/2015 -  JSI to Develop New Health Policy Management Graduate Program in Pakistan
Program is first of its kind in Pakistan to focus on both health policy and institutional management at a graduate level.
JSI logo1 Placeholder Small News Item Photo 04/08/2015 -  Boston Business Journal Highlights JSI's work with Mad*Pow on New Health App
Once approved, the new app will make HIV medication adherence easier.
logo 03/18/2015 -  Highlights from the 2015 MA Healthy Aging Report Report Released at Building Age-Friendly Communities Summit
New Massachusetts Healthy Aging report highlights key findings, such as the importance of education and income in predicting health among the elderly.
State of CA 02/18/2015 -  New California Waiver Focused on Whole Person Care has Potential to Support Transformation of Safety-Net Care
Read JSI's recently-released paper, California’s 1115 Waiver: An Opportunity to Move from Coverage to Whole-Person Care, which proposes a focus on achieving “whole-person care” to help California reach Triple Aim goals in Medi-Cal.
SCMS report thumbnail 12/19/2014 -  USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and SCMS finalists for prestigious Supply Chain Innovation Award
The projects' Delivery Team Topping Up (STTU) system is recognized for reducing stockouts of health commodities in Zimbabwe's hardest-to-reach communities.
Zambia SHARe II article in Reuters 09/04/2014 -  Working to repeal the Brother's Widow's Marriage Act in Zambia
A presentation on efforts by the SHARe II project and local leadership in Zambia to overturn an outdated law made international news during the AIDS 2014 Conference in July.
Liberia map 09/02/2014 -  JSI's Joe Moyer interviewed in the Brattleboro Reformer
Moyer, who works in Liberia on the RBHS project, discusses the project's work to rebuild the Liberian health system and the ongoing Ebola outbreak and response effort in the country.