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John Snow Placeholder Small News Item Photo 01/12/2015 -  Top Ten 2014 Public Health Stories from JSI
Read them again, or read them for the first time, JSI's top news stories from 2014.
SCMS report thumbnail 12/19/2014 -  USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and SCMS finalists for prestigious Supply Chain Innovation Award
The projects' Delivery Team Topping Up (STTU) system is recognized for reducing stockouts of health commodities in Zimbabwe's hardest-to-reach communities.
opportunities in whole person care in california 12/02/2014 -  Opportunities for Whole-Person Care in California Report
JSI publish findings from a year-long feasibility study on strategies that meet the needs of the state's vulnerable populations.
healthy start announcement thumbnail 11/12/2014 -  JSI to Use Data and Quality Improvement to Provide Capacity-Building Assistance for Healthy Start Grantees
JSI is supporting communities to give every child a healthy start, by addressing the needs of women before, during and after pregnancy.
Zambia SHARe II article in Reuters 09/04/2014 -  Working to repeal the Brother's Widow's Marriage Act in Zambia
A presentation on efforts by the SHARe II project and local leadership in Zambia to overturn an outdated law made international news during the AIDS 2014 Conference in July.
Liberia map 09/02/2014 -  JSI's Joe Moyer interviewed in the Brattleboro Reformer
Moyer, who works in Liberia on the RBHS project, discusses the project's work to rebuild the Liberian health system and the ongoing Ebola outbreak and response effort in the country.
Joel Lamstein 08/14/2014 -  Making the MDGs work.
500 days from the target date to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, JSI President Joel Lamstein pens a blog on what is needed to ensure sustained progress beyond 2015.
Bert Hirschhorn thumbnail 08/07/2014 -  "The man who helped save 50 million lives"
BBC profiles JSI co-founder Bert Hirschhorn for his work developing oral rehydration therapy.
NLCR la raza logo 07/24/2014 -  New Study Reveals Current Issues in Hispanic Health
Disproportionately high rates of chronic disease and lack of access to health care coverage are issues facing Latinos in the US
Joel Lamstein 06/18/2014 -  Blog by JSI President Joel Lamstein featured on The Huffington Post
Read "Simple solutions to global problems: How two medicines promise life for mothers and infants in Nigeria"