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Grand Challenges Cananda visits CHX 03/02/2015 -  Grand Challenges Canada visits Chlorhexidine Navi Care Project in Nepal
Peter Singer and Karlee Silver, CEO and Vice President, respectively, of Grand Challenges Canada, made field visits and met with government officials to discuss the project's success.
Dr. Sara B. Newman 02/26/2015 -  JSI Alum to Lead NPS Office of Public Health
JSI alum Dr. Sara Newman, and Captain in the United States Public Health Service (PHS) will become the director of the National Park Service Office of Public Health on March 1st.
2013 best place to work boston globe 02/20/2015 -  Job Seekers: Join JSI for an afternoon of coffee and conversation
Public health students, undergrads, and others interested in a career in public health are invited to an open house on March 5th for coffee and conversation.
timor leste health improvement project thumbnail 02/20/2015 -  U.S. Ambassador to Timor Leste Karen C. Stanton visits Health Improvement Project site
Ambassador Stanton toured the project-supported Gleno Health Center and was briefed on two new life-saving innovations.
State of CA 02/18/2015 -  New California Waiver Focused on Whole Person Care has Potential to Support Transformation of Safety-Net Care
Read JSI's recently-released paper, California’s 1115 Waiver: An Opportunity to Move from Coverage to Whole-Person Care, which proposes a focus on achieving “whole-person care” to help California reach Triple Aim goals in Medi-Cal.
Turkmenistan together for health 02/17/2015 -  Turkmenistan Together for Health Project facilitates training of trainers workshop in Istanbul
Outreach workers and youth learn how to promote healthy lifestyles among key populations and youth.
IFHP Fact Sheet on Maternal and Child Health Interventions 02/13/2015 -  IFHP Holds Lessons Learned Dissemination Workshop
Presentations made on IFHP’s finding on household survey, MNH findings of learning woredas, and assessment findings on sustainability of IFHP’s interventions approaches.
T2BX Logo 02/11/2015 -  Customized Text Messaging Program Aims to Help Teen Smokers Quit in RI
The Rhode Island Department of Health and JSI build a program to help adolescents quit smoking, using a tool that most youth are already very familiar with: text messaging.
Family Planning NTC Logo 02/10/2015 -  E-learning Module for Family Planning Quality Improvement Centers Released
First e-learning module now available for quality improvement for Title X family planning grantees.
WCPH 2015 thumbnail 02/09/2015 -  Join JSI at the 14th World Congress on Public Health
JSI experts present innovative approaches to improving public health at the conference taking place February 11-15 in Kolkata, India
Ebola response 10/15 02/04/2015 -  Turning point in Ebola outbreak brings new phase of response
The Ebola outbreak in west Africa is waning and while outbreak response will be a priority until there are zero cases left, focus is shifting to rebuilding damaged health systems.
geospatial analysis MEASURE report 01/30/2015 -  New GIS publication released by MEASURE Evaluation
Geospatial Analysis in Global Health M&E provides monitoring and evaluation practitioners with tools and techniques to help support public health programs.
Georgia sustain hospital accreditation story 01/26/2015 -  JSI contributes to major health policy breakthrough in Georgia
The regionalization of perinatal care services will serve as a model for regionalizing other health services in Georgia and developing integrated health care networks.
Environmental health violator in Lawrence MA 01/21/2015 -  JSI’s Environmental Health Work Highlighted by New Harvard Fellowship Program
JSI led a group of Harvard Environmental Justice fellows to visit Lawrence MA environmental justice sites.
ACE TA center 01/21/2015 -  Webinar: Access to health coverage for immigrants living with HIV
Join the Affordable Care Enrollment Technical Assistance (ACE-TA) Center for a webinar on Wednesday, January 28th.
CHX NaviCare in IMPACTblog 01/2015 01/13/2015 -  "Disruptive Innovations Bringing Nepal Closer to Ending Extreme Poverty"
In an article in USAID's IMPACTblog, JSI's Chlorhexidine (CHX) NaviCare program is credited with improving health in Nepal and helping to improve the country's economy.
resources for UNICEF announcment 01/2015 01/12/2015 -  New resources for the UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children (UNCoLSC)
Funded by UNICEF, JSI developed a series of resources on supply chain management and forecasting of health commodities related to maternal, newborn, and child health. All resources are now available to download.
John Snow Placeholder Small News Item Photo 01/12/2015 -  Top Ten 2014 Public Health Stories from JSI
Read them again, or read them for the first time, JSI's top news stories from 2014.
journal of global health 01/02/2015 -  JSI staff author articles in the December issue of the Journal of Global Health
Research findings and insights from JSI staff on the topics of routine monitoring and evaluation of programs, applying mHealth technology to improve health outcomes, and improving product availability at the community level are available to download.
SCMS report thumbnail 12/19/2014 -  USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and SCMS finalists for prestigious Supply Chain Innovation Award
The projects' Delivery Team Topping Up (STTU) system is recognized for reducing stockouts of health commodities in Zimbabwe's hardest-to-reach communities.